Early Childhood (PreK3-K)

Our early Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten years focus on the teaching of social and moral values. Academics are introduced through thematic units and learning centers that incorporate seasonal and civic themes. There is one teacher and one assistant for each class. Together, they provide opportunities for the students to learn to be social and independent. They also will learn routines, how to follow rules, share and take turns.

  • Religion – topics include God and creation, Jesus, the Holy Family, Bible stories, and the Golden Rule.
  • Language Arts – introduction to and mastery of letters, recognition of upper/lower case letters, letter/sound recognition, blending of sounds for beginning reading, sight words and development of fine motor skills for writing.
  • Math – introduction to numbers, counting, one-to-one correspondence, writing numbers, calendar, colors, and shapes.
  • Science/Social Studies – various thematic units, including, but not limited to the seasons (weather) and holidays, community helpers, U.S. symbols and presidents, life cycles, dinosaurs, chemical reactions, and magnets.


Our Early Childhood program encourages parental involvement and communication. To foster a partnership between parents and teacher, parents are encouraged to participate in ongoing activities within the established routines, special events, field trips, and parties.

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