Elementary (1-5)

The early elementary years (1st and 2nd grades) expand on the foundation built in our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten grades. More formal instruction is introduced and regular assessments at the end of units are administered to track a student’s academic progress. Continued emphasis is placed on developing the students into contributing members in their church and community. The classes are self-contained with one teacher, and the children go to P.E. daily, and library, art, music, and computer weekly.

The intermediate elementary grades (3rd through 5th grades) are a time of transition. Rigor in the curriculum increases and the students rotate in cycles to teachers for various core subjects. Beginning in 4th grade, the subjects of science and social studies are taught on a daily basis. Children are taught to read for information (students are not “learning to read” as much as they are “reading to learn”) and reading levels increase in difficulty. Students continue to attend P.E. (students begin to dress out in P.E. uniform in 6th grade) and religion daily, and art, music, and computer, weekly.

Classes include: Religion, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Language Arts. Students also attend Mass weekly.

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