What is the average class size and what grades do you serve?

Our school serves students in grades Pre-K3 to 8. Our classes are intentionally kept at a smaller size to maximize student success and generally average 15 students per class

What is the length of the academic term?

Our school year runs from early August to late May.

Do you have to be Catholic to attend St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School?

St. Peter the Apostle’s families come from different backgrounds, faiths, and areas of town to share in the education of mind, heart & spirit. You do not have to be a Catholic to attend St. Peter the Apostle. Our families are looking for a place where their students can learn to become responsible citizens in a values-rich and faith based educational environment that is safe and conducive to study and they find that within our walls.

We would like to be actively involved and volunteer with the school. Is there any information we should know?

Active participation in the life of our school is heartily encouraged and we welcome you to join us! We do require that all school volunteers must be cleared through the archdiocesan VIRTUS training prior to volunteering. It is a simple process that allows us to ensure that our campus remains a safe environment for all who enter, more information on the VIRTUS program can be found here: archgh.org

Do you offer after school care?

Yes, we do. Sometimes schedules can run beyond the school day and it is necessary to have your child supervised in a safe and caring place – St. Peter’s offers families After School Care as a time where students can work on their studies and socialize in a familiar and comforting setting.

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