Supply Lists

Below is a school supply list for each grade. You may also download a PDF of the same entire list here.

Download  Download School Supply List

1-Floor Mat 1” or 2″ bulk
2-Clorox Disinfectant Wipes
4-Boxes Facial Tissues
4-Rolls Paper Towels
2-Folder w/Pockets (Solid Color)
2 Packs-Large Primary Pencils (Walmart)
5-Boxes Jumbo Crayola Crayons
2-Pre-school Tablets
2-Pk Bright White Construction Paper (9X12)

3-Ream Copy Paper

2-Packs of Multi-Colored Paper

4-Packs of Manilla Paper
1-Nylon Pencil Bag (with clear top)
1-Blunt Scissors (plastic)
2-(bottles) Instant Hand Sanitizers pump
1-(5 oz) Dixie Cups (100ct)
1- Crayola Wash Watercolors (8 colors)

2-Ziploc Bags (Gallon Size)

2-Ziplock Bags (sandwich size)

4-Elmer Glue Sticks

3-Bottles of Elmer’s Glue
4-Packs of Baby Wipes

4-Boxes Facial Tissues

1-Floor Mat 1″ bulk or 2″
1- PKG #2 Pencils sharpened-12ct
5-Boxes 12 ct Crayola brand Crayons
1-Sturdy Zippered Pencil Bag (not box)
5-Manuscript Writing Tablets (1st Grade)

2-Packs Bright White Construction Paper (9X12)

4-Packs Manilla Paper

2-Multi-Colored Paper

5-3/4 Ruled (8X10) 36 ct. (1st grade) Available at Fiesta
4-Folders with Pockets
3-Ream Copy Paper

4-Rolls Paper Towels
1-8 oz. Waterless Hand Sanitizer (w/pump)
1-Crayola Wash Watercolor-8 color

3-Bottles of Elmer’s Glue

First Grade and Second Grade

3 First and second grade writing tablets (Spiral only, red baseline)
2-Pkgs of #2 Pencils (12 ct)-sharpened-daily requirement
1-Disinfecting wipes
1-16 ct of Crayons

1-Pack Ziplock bags (sandwich bags)

3-Double poscket folders
1-Pair Scissors (5”-blunt only)
2-Elmer’s School Glue
1-Sturdy Zippered Pencil Bag
1-Box Facial Tissue
2-Rolls Paper Towels
1-Pack Assorted Construction Paper
2-Reams Copy Paper


Second Grade
(Same as first grade supplies list)

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade
3-Ream Copy Paper
2-Pks Pencils #2 (24 ct) (latex free)
4-Pks Loose Leaf Paper (wide-ruled)
1-Websters New Basic Dictionary Desk
2-Boxes Facial Tissue
2-Rolls Paper Towels
6-Spiral Notebooks (With detachable loose leaf pages)
1-Pair Scissors (small blunt tip)
2-Glue Stick
1-Box Crayons (24 ct)
2-Red Checking Pencils
1-Zippered Pencil Bag
2-Erasers (pink-latex free)
1-Pencil Sharpener (handheld)
1-Green Folder w/brads and pockets
1-Red Folder w/brads and pockets
1-Blue Folder w/brads and pockets
1-Yellow Folder w/brads and pockets

1-6″ Protractor
1-Plastic Ruler
1-8ct washable markers
1-Plastic School Box 8.5”X5.5”X2.5”
1-Pre-sharpened colored pencils 12ct


MIDDLE SCHOOL (6th, 7th, and 8th Grades)

2-Pack of black or blue pens
2-24pk #2 pencils
1-Hand sanitizer
1-Pencil Sharpener (Hand held)
3-Ream of paper
1-Sanitizer wipes
4-Pack of Dividers

4-Binders-1″ (1-Red, 1-Blue, 1-Black, 1-White)
1- Construction Paper
2-Spiral Notebooks (With detachable loose leaf pages)

1-Pack of loose leaf paper
2-Composition Books



1-Pack of Graphing Paper (4X4 Quad)

1-Ti.30X. Calculator

1-Pocket Dictionary

1-Pack of Index Cards

1-Pack of College Ruled Paper

1-Pack of Construction Paper

1-Crayola Colored Pencils
1-Box of Markers
2-Bottles of Liquid Glue
1-Ruler 1-Large Eraser

1-USB (4GB)
1-Ream of Copy Paper
1-Pocket Folder

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