Uniform & Dress Code

St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School is a uniform school and students are required to be in complete uniform each school day.  Notice of exceptions to this rule is sent home in advance.  The way a student dresses affects the way he/she behaves. To maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to learning, we expect our students to be neat, clean, tidy and modest in appearance. The dress code is designed to allow our students to concentrate on developing religious, moral and ethical values that enhance positive self-esteem built on personal responsibility and Christian morals values.

Parker School Uniform is the exclusive supplier for uniform items.  They may be reached at 713-661-6110 or www.parkersu.com.

Sweaters, Jackets & Coats
Girls’ Uniforms – PreK through 4th
Girls’ Uniform – 6th – 8th
Boys’ Uniforms PreK – 8th
Non-uniform/Fee Dress Days
P.E. Uniforms

All Students: St. Peter’s Spirit shirt with blue jeans can be worn on the 1st Friday of each month.

All shirts must be kept tucked in at all times.

Hair ribbons for girls must be white, navy, red, black, or uniform plaid.  Girls or boys hair must be neat, clean, natural color and appealing and must not obstruct vision.

Caps, earrings, sculptured hair, lines, designs, spikes, ponytails, braids, plats, and similar styles are not acceptable for boys.  Boys’ hair length cannot cover the eyebrows or be longer than the collar of a shirt.

Girls may not wear nail polish of any color or make-up.

Parents are responsible for compliance of the dress code of St. Peter the Apostle Catholic School.  Faculty members share the responsibility of enforcement.  The administration reserves the right to decide whether a student’s dress or grooming is in accordance with the school’s high standards.  St. Peter the Apostle reserves the right to send any student home that arrives at school inappropriately dressed.

The Consequences of violation to the dress code are as follows:
1st Offense:  Written warning and telephone call to parent
2nd Offense: Written notice of violation and telephone call to parent.  Parents may opt to bring appropriate clothing by 8:30 a.m. or pay a $10.00 fee.
3rd Offense:  Telephone call to the parent and written notice of violation.  Parent pays required $10.00 fee.

Four or more dress code violations are considered a Level II or III infraction (see Formative Discipline Plan).

The administration reserves the right to ask a student to call a parent to have his/her uniform brought to school if the non-uniform attire is deemed inappropriate.

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